Single Tassel Charm

Linea Brown


Product Description

Fetching Single Tassel Charm to dangle of your favourite bag! Make your bag more You by clipping on this Single Tassel Charm. Available in colors matching a number of our solid and patterned fabrics, the Single Tassel Charm clips on your bag's zippers with a small trigger clip.

Product Details

  • Fits any bag style
  • Single Tassel Charm only
  • Does not include Handbag / Wallet
  • Color: Linea Brown
  • Finishing: Calf
  • Clips onto the zipper of a bag with trigger clip. Does not fit on any size Snapring.
  • approx. 4.25" L (drops about 6.5")
  • Fabric: PU / Metal Alloywork: Metal Alloy

SKU 010STC17PUC071

Additional Modules Required to Complete Bag



Professional Cleaning Recommended