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Being a new brand, the most difficult thing is to get our name out there and get people to know our great concept! If you like what you see and want to help us spread the word, join our Ambassador Program. In return for your support, we are happy to offer some great benefits! Check out the details below!


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Help us by introducing Mestessa to friends, family and colleagues! Earn points by sharing our concept online, purchasing products and creating a wish list.


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We appreciate your help and value your patronage! Redeem points for discounts, enjoy a birthday treat and much more!

How does it work?


Collect points by
- Purchasing Mestessa products
- Sharing your creations on your Social Media accounts
- Sharing your purchases on your Social Media accounts
- Creating a wish list and sharing the list with your family & friends
- Submitting a review

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Start earning the following benefits
- Early access to new arrivals
- Free gift wrap
- Annual surprise
- Birthday surprise
- Access to Mestessa Events
- Special discounts (coming soon)
- Special Ambassador Services (coming soon)

The more you earn, the greater the benefits!


Depending on the action taken, you will be collecting a certain number of points. The number of points earned determines the benefits available. The more points you earn, the greater the benefits. For further information and exact details, check out the Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions here.

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