Flower Charm



Product Description

Lovely Flower Charm that can be attached as is, or split to three individual flowers. With a range of colors, these adorable little charms, will give your bag a great make-over! The Flower Charm screws into the holes of the Shoulderstrap (Duplet / Business) or Handle (Bucket).

Product Details

  • Fits any bag style with a strap with holes (Sofia Duplet / Carlotta Business / Sienna Bucket Bag)
  • Flower Charm only
  • Does not include Handbag / Wallet
  • Color: Black
  • Finishing: Smooth / Glossy / Croco Oval
  • Push pin through hole in Strap and screw tight (not too tight so as to damage fabric)
  • approx. 3"
  • Fabric: PU / Metal Alloywork: Metal Alloy

SKU 010FLO17SOL010

Additional Modules Required to Complete Bag



Professional Cleaning Recommended