Double Tassel Charm

Silver Crossweave


Product Description

Double Tassel to be tied onto your bag. With matching colors to a large number of our fabrics, the Double Tassel makes for a great personalizing accent on your bag! Just tie a knot and attach it to your bag's Snaprings, Handles or Straps.

Product Details

  • Fits any bag style
  • Double Tassel Charm only
  • Does not include Handbag / Wallet
  • Color: Silver
  • Finishing: Crossweave
  • Ties onto bag.
  • approx. 21" L (drops about 7" with knot)
  • Fabric: PU / Metal Alloywork: Metal Alloy

SKU 010DTC17SOL160

Additional Modules Required to Complete Bag



Professional Cleaning Recommended