Big Tassel Charm

Gunmetal Elephant


Product Description

Generous size, statement making Tassel to create an instant impact! Clip this Big Tassel Charm, available in a large number of colors and patterns, to the Snaprings of your bag to instantatenously transform the look of your bag!

Product Details

  • Fits on any bag style, but works better with larger bags due to its size
  • Big Tassel Charm only
  • Does not include Handbag / Wallet
  • Color: Gunmetal
  • Finishing: Elephant
  • Clips onto the Snapring of a bag with trigger clip. Fits on any size Snapring.
  • approx. 6" (drops about 7")
  • Fabric: PU / Metal Alloywork: Metal Alloy

SKU 010BTC17SOL031

Additional Modules Required to Complete Bag



Professional Cleaning Recommended